Emergency Information

Our Technicians



Our technicians spend much of the day in the treatment area in the back, so you may not see them when you are here, but they make their presence felt every day with their hard work and dedication to your pets’ wellbeing! In their free time they enjoy playing sports such as soccer, rugby, and hockey, and they also like to cook, read, travel, go to concerts, stay fit, and do some home remodeling.  They currently have 12 cats and 6 dogs in total, but more are surely around the corner.  Two of our technicians will be going on to vet school in the next couple years and one is working towards a career in animal public health.

Our Receptionists



The first people you see when you walk through the door, the receptionists are the smiling face of Porter Square Vet.  Hailing from as far away as Medellin, Colombia and as close as right here in Somerville, the front desk staff will do anything and everything they can to ensure your visit is as easy and pleasant as possible.  Between them, they currently have 12 cats, 8 dogs, 2 turtles, and 3 human children.  Their interests range from the fine arts to pop culture and everything in between, including haute cuisine, spending time with family, extreme sports, pet-sitting, and playing soccer. One of our receptionists is getting her biology degree, one is working towards becoming a dentist, and another is currently pre-med.